Taking the journey towards excellence

Taking the journey towards excellence

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Discover what benefits the Next Generation Learning Charter can bring to your school

We know that effective use of technology improves learning. Research shows that schools accredited with the ICT Mark achieve better results. They are also more likely to be rated outstanding in overall effectiveness in Ofsted inspection reports. The Charter supports you on the school’s journey towards excellence in four stages. This gives your school a clear pathway from commitment to excellence, helping you to:

• develop a shared vision for using technology

• plan ICT use across the curriculum

• use technology to enhance learning and support

• assess how ICT supports pupils’ learning

• ensure all staff and learners can use ICT effectively and safely

• use technology to extend learning beyond school

• make sure they have safe, secure and sustainable resources

• use technology to help learners progress and achieve

Publication Date: 2010

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You can download the full pdf HERE.

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