Back to the Future in Education Innovation

A collation of research findings spanning 20 years that have enduring relevance.

For teachers in schools, colleges and universities.

The latest research may not have all the answers we need as educators. Even in Educational Technology some principles endure.

To ensure such knowledge is not lost, members of MESHGuides, MirandaNet Fellowship, Naace and TPEA are working together to collate and reassemble research findings about education technology that were produced pre-2010 but still have relevance today.

Some of the summaries have been published previously in the Naace journal. MeshGuides authors are also be working on summaries of the research that are easily accessible to busy teachers. Please get in touch if you would like your work represented here and also recommend this opportunity to others.

The background

Back to the Future in Education Innovation will be the last contribution of the MirandaNet Fellowship ( to the international education technology community.

Over the last five years Miranda has worked closely with the Technology Pedagogy and Education Association (TPEA formerly ITTE) on various activities and we feel that the time has come to merge the two memberships. We will also archive the Mirandanet website so that all the resources can still be searched.

We also want to merge the two mail lists and promote the kind of lively discussion that seems to have disappeared during Covid. We believe this can be done quite smoothly as TPEA has a free membership level as well as costed levels. Plans for the membership transfer are pending and members will be contacted.

A growing list of references pre-dating 2010.


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