About MirandaNet Associates

MirandaNet Associates are companies, organisations or providers working in commercial product development,  service development for education, or directly in education provision.

They might be:

    • Multinationals or major national companies;
    • SMEs or Startups;
    • Charities;
    • NGOs;
    • Professional organisations;
    • School Academy Trusts;
    • Local Authority Service Providers;
    • Universities.

MirandaNet Associates want to see their products, resources and services at the centre of good practice in education and life-long learning. To achieve just that the MirandaNet Fellowship provides a constructive relationship between Associates and education professionals, academic experts, researchers and consultants.

Click here for an enquiry form to contact Professor Christina Preston the MirandaNet founder. Explore further the opportunities and benefits of becoming a MirandaNet Associate for your organisation or company.

Associates who are engaged in R&D work can benefit from collaboration and partnership with the MirandaNet Fellowship through the participation of members in project evaluation and research. Associates’ R&D can benefit from the professional experience and expertise of its member educators in two main ways:

  • by drawing on the experience and expertise of the MirandaNet Fellowship in designing and carrying out research and evaluation;
  • by drawing on the practitioner expertise of the MirandaNet Fellowship in teaching and education across all phases of education and across a range of of national contexts.

Taken together these two aspects form the basic design of Action Research, a key model for understanding the value and effectiveness of tools, resources and practices in educational settings. Action Research is a model favoured by MirandaNet for its flexibility in addressing a variety of goals and situations.

The outcomes of all collaborative work are published on MirandaNet as part of its growing library of relevant content.  Associates may also publish their own independent reports to the MirandaNet Fellowship. All such work is publicised through the MirandaLink network and through the fortnightly MirandaLink newsletter. The debate and comment arising from the various channels open to MirandaNet members and Associates provides healthy and constructive feedback to Associates and members alike.