Apply to undertake classroom based research

MirandaNet Fellows engage in both quantitative and qualitative research often working with teachers and leaders as co-researchers. In our practice based programme called iCatalyst we often work with a group in a school or across schools. The teachers decide on the research questions they would like to ask, develop the data collection strategies, and with the support of a MirandaNet Fellow turn that data into a case study and be awarded a Fellowship for web publication in the form of an article, blog or a talking head.

The process takes about six weeks following the process of guided data collection in the classroom. Here are the steps that a teacher will take as part of a team:

  • Receive template for research write-up;
  • Spend half a day preparing a 2,000-word practice-based blog or talking head;
  • Spend half an hour meeting with a MirandaNet professional (via Skype) discussing research and receiving feedback;
  • Submit draft version of research piece;
  • Receive suggestions and comments to refine final submission.

Apart from being informative and enjoyable the project provides evidence to Ofsted that the school is research active. The resulting articles can be used by the school to inform policy and practice and for marketing purposes. Teachers/leaders can be accredited for further analysis of all the groups data in a 30 point De Montfort University module for an extra fee that will be supported by a MirandaNet Fellow.

We’d be pleased to hear from any schools who would like to give this a try.
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