As outlined on the membership page, there is a progression in MirandaNet membership. MirandaNet Friends can progress to MirandaNet Scholar after which members can earn a MirandaNet Fellowship by the publication of an article of 2000 words or equivalent. A Senior Fellowship may be earned by the publication of the equivalent of two papers.

MirandaNet promotes a broad spectrum of voices in the global debate about education and its improvement. Fellowship articles may cover a wide variety of relevant topics and also may be presented in a wide variety of styles. Fellowship papers are an informal but a creative endeavour that aim to reflect the diversity of the interests, tastes, and occupations of members.

To submit a paper to gain a MirandaNet Fellowship please email the Web Administrator with a draft for consideration or for a discussion about your ideas for a submission.



September 2015

MirandaNet Lifelong Achievement Awards

MirandaNet Lifelong Achievement Awards have been awarded to John Cuthell and Francis Howlett for the impact their contributions have had on MirandaNet practice and research over at least 15 years.

Francis designed and maintained the original MirandaNet website  over many years using his coding skills and his extensive knowledge about accessibility. An outstanding web editor with a close eye for detail he maintained the membership list and MirandaLink while encouraging members to publish case studies and articles.

John Cuthell authored many papers and chapters about knowledge creation and visual learning that were developed through working with the MirandaNet community. John has an international reputation for his contribution to knowledge creation and the development of MirandaMods as well as his research into visual learning. You can read more about his work here.

Fellowships Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
Dr Helen BoultonArticleCross Cultural Comparison: Hong Kong and UK Postgraduates
Kieran Dhunna HalliwellArticleAm I a researcher yet?
Andy KnillArticleGlobal Networking using social media
Tazmeen SultanArticleEmerging Use of ICT for Teaching and Learning in Schools of Pakistan

Senior Fellowships Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
Allison AllenPaper (Web)Safeguarding Data – Using Technology: Keeping Pupils Secure in a Connected World
Lubna MalikPaper (Web)The role of the principal in promoting technology integration in pedagogical practices
Lubna MalikPaper (Web)Assessment through ICT
Malcolm PaytonPaper (Web)The Procurement of Technology in Education
Malcolm PaytonPaper (Web)Effective use of ICT in Education

October 2015

The Ian Lynch Award

February 2016

Fellowships Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
Mark DorlingWeb page and resourcesSupporting the New Computing Curriculum
Dr Neelam ParmarPaper (PDF)Integrating Technology in the Classroom: Pedagogical Workflow
Dr Neelam ParmarSlide presentation for Bett 2016 (PPSX)Pedagogical Workflow
Myles Pilling
(with Tilly Mortimore)
Paper (PDF)The Dyslexia Apps Project

September 2016

Fellowships Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
Graham MillerArticle: Summary of MSc dissertation.Using Tablet Computers to Improve Learning Outcomes (PDF)

September 2017

Fellowships Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
Rob EllisPaperOnline safety and digital literacy: how do they feature in schools?
Dalian Adofo PaperExperiences of the computing curriculum in a UK primary school
Jon AudainPaperThe creative spark and grind of technology in education
Steve Gillan
(with Christina Preston)
InterviewThe role of blogging in digital literacy
Ben Williams
(with Christina Preston)
InterviewManaging computing in a primary school
Robyn Suthayalai
(with Christina Preston)
InterviewUsing Digital Tools in the Primary School
Ben WilliamsonBlogCoding for what? Lessons from computing in the curriculum

December 2017

Senior Fellowship Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
Dalian Adofo Paper UK Primary & Secondary Teachers’ Responses to the New Computing Curriculum

February 2018

Fellowship Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
Simon PoolePaper Rancière and the demise of the book

April 2018

Fellowship Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
John WasteneyPaper An edtech professional development initiative that worked

July 2018

Fellowship Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
Elizabeth HidsonPresentationDeveloping Computing Pedagogy post 2014

September 2018

Fellowship Awarded.

Author ProfilePublication typeLink
Penny RabigerPaperSocial media: handle with care