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Name Allison Allen
Title Mrs
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Consultant (Outstream Consulting)


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Overview of My Professional Role and Activity

I’ve been closely involved in MirandaNet research and course development for over 10 years . I have a range of experience in organisational development within ICT, Inclusion and across the curriculum with focus on the growth areas in education of; assessment, raising attainment, self review, ICT Mark preparation/assessment and e-safety.

I enjoy providing professional development for teachers and consultancy for suppliers developing new and existing products. It is rewarding too, to help existing and start-up Academies, Free & other new schools & new builds to gain traction with ICT and meaningful vision – providing specialist consultant support and project management for ICT.

I’ve experience as a coach/mentor with a strong background in change management and curriculum development working with individuals, groups and teams.

Scholar Profile

My Professional Aims and Goals

My bottom line is always, learner outcomes first, not technology.  If technology isn’t enhancing the life-chances of pupils, improving the work-life balance of teachers or providing the “wow” factor in learning – what on earth are we doing it for? I hope I never stop hearing a pupil saying “Look what that (ICT) helped me do; I didn’t know I could do that!”

I believe that it is critical to schools that good practice and innovative activities are shared across the landscape; the acquisition of such knowledge should not simply rest in report data banks. The celebration of good practice is of significant value in raising the aspirations of education institutions.

My Current Professional Development Activity

I’ve completed a national contract, leading a team that successfully wrote e-safety guidance for FE & Skills and vulnerable learners and recently, a research review of the national ICT CPD landscape with the IoE and MirandaNet as well as supporting networks of mainstream and SEN schools in developing their curriculum to maximise the potential benefits offered by technology in and beyond the classroom (Futurelab/Becta/QCDA).  I am currently working with the Futurelab Research Hubs as Facilitator – very interesting research-led activities with both oustanding and challenged schools with transformational agendas and the Inspirational Schools Partnership (ISP).  As a national lead ICT Mark assessor, I’m seeing some really interesting use of technology and change management, including doing some distance work with a school in Jordan.

My Qualifications and Memberships

I have had various roles and memberships:

Head of Art | Art Examiner | Cake/catering business | Supply teacher | Head of ICT | ICT Coordinator | Senior ICT Adviser (School Improvement) | Exec Director LGfL | Chair, pan-London L2tICT T&L action group | Chair South Sector LGfL | Member London MLE procurement group | London Regional Manager, Becta | BoM Naace |  Tribal, Education Managing Consultant (ICT) | Director, Outstream Consulting | Lead ICT Mark Assessor | Futurelab Research Hubs Facilitator | Graduate Certificate in Education Leadership Development and Consultancy, | Certified Naace Professional (7)

My publications, papers, articles, authored web pages etc.
  • The ICT CPD Landscape in England: N. Pachler, C. Preston, J. Cuthell and A. Allen (Becta 2010; published
  • E-safety guidance for the FE & Skills Sector: A. Allen, M. Payton, C. Preston and S. Pickering (Becta 2009)
  • Through the Looking Glass (and What Alice Found There) – e-Safety concepts and misconceptions: A Allen (ICT Skills Briefing, Issue 14, 2009): (see also MirandaMod 2009)
  • New professional cultures: braided gatherings in The Third Space: Collaboration / MirandaNet
  • Butterflies for the Use of ICT: Collaboration Chair (DFES/London Challenge/LGfL.
  • Achieving Excellence – LGfL and the Becta Self Review Framework: (DFES/Croydon Council/LGfL/Outstream) Collaboration Chair