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Name Malcolm Payton
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Consultant and Director of E3Net


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Overview of My Professional Role and Activity

My background is in teaching, where I spent five years as Principal Teacher of Computing in a large comprehensive, then ten years in Local Authority education management, two of which were as Director of Education. Since leaving local government, I have worked as a professional advisor to the Scottish Executive where I worked on the Scottish Schools Digital Network (now GLOW) and had responsibility for digital content, then for two years in the private sector delivering international education programmes in Europe and Asia.

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My Current Professional Development Activity

I now deliver educational consultancy services and I am the Director of the Educational Expertise Exchange Network or E3Net.My interest has always been in how learning takes place – in young people, in adults, and in organisations. Like many others, my view is that ICT is developing so quickly that we can no longer control all of the bits – we have to support innovation, change and good practice and have a range of different initiatives all working towards the same end.

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