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Overview of My Professional Role and Activity I have recently left the classroom after 13 years of teaching secondary science in the UK and internationally. Since then I have been setting up my website called TopTenTeacher to give students, teachers and parents access to be best educational media online. <p> I have also worked on the development of an e-learning course for A level chemistry. This was intended to be used in classrooms as part of a blended learning model to be endorsed by a UK exam board. The software I used was very flexible allowing for instruction and assessment in many different formats. By combining the best open online resources with videos, simulations and interactivities designed ‘in house’, this was an engaging resource. As well as being an examiner for two different exam boards and a self employed tutor, I am interested how assessment can be better conducted using technology. I am familiar with comparative judgement and have worked on a project involving 250 UK secondary schools trialling this assessment technique in English and Maths. Please contact me if you are interested in any consultancy or project work via my LinkedIn Profile:

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I believe that education can change lives and focus should be on the student. Does what you are doing engage students in meaningful learning? This is what I ask myself when I teach a lesson or design a new resource. This is also what I do when I review material from other providers. What I hope to do in the future is bring all the best materials to educators and students.

My Current Professional Development Activity

My MSc studies have involved how the public engage in science through museums and the media and how this can influence government policy. The reasons for teaching science, requirements for science in the 21 century and education theory have also been a major part of this course. My final project module looked at how tablet computers can be incorporated into schools to improve learning outcomes. It specifically looked at how this would work in science lessons. This gave me a fascinating insight into how the education technology market can be shaped through products and advertising but also research and policy.

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I am open to offers of memberships to professional organisations and opportunities to publish my research. I am a fan of the International Baccalaureate curriculum and have been involved in examining papers for the diploma chemistry program.

My publications, papers, articles, authored web pages etc.

Top Ten Teacher- Online educational resources for teachers, students and parents.

Twitter:@toptenteacher, @grahammiller78