Book Reviews


The Book Review section of the journal aims to include two broad areas of interest:

  1. reviews of published works by MirandaNet members.
  2. reviews of works by other authors that are of interest to the membership.

While retaining the traditional title of ‘Book Reviews’ the range of reviewed works may be considered quite broadly and is not confined to print titles.  Where digital artefacts are reviewed they should be content oriented (i.e. they present an extended argument, discussion or account of an issue, topic or theme) and ideally accessible for the foreseeable future or at least can be referenced to an archive.

Review of relevant television programmes, films, and lectures such as those available on Ted talks would all form useful subjects for review.

MirandaNet members are invited to contribute reviews. Please email


Machine Learning and Human Intelligence
Rosemary Luckin
Publisher: -
Pub Date: June 2018
Review by Terry Freedman: Sept 2018

Enhancing Learning with Technology: Research Themes
Editors: Erik Duval,‎ Mike Sharples,‎ Rosamund Sutherland
Publisher: Springer
Pub Date: May 2017
Review by David Longman: 18th Feb 2018

Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology: What the research says
(Ed.) Luckin, R.
UCL IoE Press
Pub Date: January 2018
ISBN: 9781782772262
Review by David Longman: 2nd Feb 2018

Digital Technologies and Change in Education: The Arena Framework
Niki Davis.
2017. Routledge. 
Review by Christina Preston. Published: 15 Oct 2017.

Negotiating Neoliberalism: Developing Alternative Educational Visions
Tim Rudd and Ivor F. Goodson  (eds)
2017. SensePublishers. 
Review by John Galloway. 14 May 2017.

Making a difference cover Making a difference in Education: What the Evidence Says
Robert Cassen, Sandra McNally and Anna Vignoles.
2015. Routledge.
Review by Terry Freedman, published: 19 Feb 2016.

dig-lit-primary-teachers Digital Literacy for primary teachers
Moira Savage and Antony Barnett.
2015. Critical Publishing Ltd

Review by Christina Preston, published: 13 Jul 2015.

narrative ecologiesNarrative Ecologies: Teachers as Pedagogical Toolmakers.
Keith Turvey
2015. Routledge.
Review by Christina Preston, published: 15 January 2015.

design patternsPractical Design Patterns for teaching and learing with technology
Yishay Mor, Harvey Mellar, Steven Warburton and Niall Winters (Eds).
2014. Sense Publishers.
Review by Christina Preston, published: 15 January 2015.

ultimate guideThe Ultimate Guide to Using ICT Across the Curriculum (For Primary Teachers): Web, widgets, whiteboards and beyond!
Jon Audain.
2014. Bloomsbury.
Review by Christina Preston, published: 15 January 2015.

learning-reimaginedLearning {Re}imagined: how the connected society is transforming learning
Graham Brown-Martin with Photographs by Newsga Tavakolian.
2014. Bloomsbury Academic.
Review by Christina Preston, published: 27 Jul 2015.

learning with mobile
Learning with Mobile and Handheld Technologies
Galloway, J., John, M. and McTaggart, M.
2014. Routledge.
Review by Christina Preston, published: 10 May 2015.

teaching with technologiesTeaching with Technologies: the Essential Guide
Dr Sarah Younie and Professor Marilyn Leask.
2013. Routledge.
Review by Christina Preston. Published: 15 January 2015.

BYOD Book coverBring your own technology
Mal Lee and Martin Levins
2012. Australian Council for Educational Research Press.
Review by Christina Preston, published: 12 Dec 2015.

mobile learning coverMobile Learning: Structures, Agency, Practices
Norbert Pachler, Ben Bachmair and John Cook. Gunther Kress (Editor)
2010. Springer.
Review by Christina Preston, published: 13 Dec 2015.