MirandaNet: an International Fellowship

Innovation and Research in Education

Working with MirandaNet’s Indian chapter.

Founded in 1992 the MirandaNet Fellowship is an international community of professional educators which has forged a unique approach to continuing professional development (CPD), education, innovation and research. In partnership with practitioners, researchers, agency partners and educational product developers the MirandaNet Fellowship has developed an active, practice-based research focussed CPD framework known as iCatalyst. MirandaNet disseminates its research findings to more than 1000 members and Associates through its website, online forum, newsletter and events.


Coronavirus advice

Timely advice and help for schools, teachers, pupils and parents including ‘A Germ’s Journey’ with free educational resources. Click here for more information about MESHGuides and the work done by the Society of Applied Microbiology.

Many parents will be looking for resources that their children can use while off school. Teachers spent years in qualification and more gaining experience so this might be difficult for parents. To find websites that offer learning opportunities while also being very motivating click here. This page is added to daily.


At last! Exciting news about Mirandanet/TPEA/ITTE at BETT 20. Click here for more information.

IMPORTANT: BETT press release

Read BETT’s press release about our participation by clicking here.

EDUsummIT 2019

EDUsummIT, established in 2009, is a global community of researchers, policy-makers, and practitioners committed to supporting the effective integration of Information Technology (IT) in education by promoting active dissemination and the use of research. Read a full report of the 2019 conference here.

Telling Digital Stories

Revolution through community initiative: the social politics of education futures

We are collecting stories for study about the impact of technologies on us all, for good and ill. If you would like to be involved click here.