Current MirandaNet Associates

Current MirandaNet Associates

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4Matrix is a powerful, remarkably low-cost, SQL database-driven networked application that is designed to look and feel like other Microsoft software packages such as Office. 4Matrix provides power tools for use at key stages 3, 4 and 5, which can be used to analyse, compare, forecast and report on the performance of subjects, the quality of learning, the progress made by different groups of pupils, and the consistency and impact of teaching. . Teachers can use 4Matrix to investigate the effectiveness of teaching and learning – without needing to be statisticians.

BrainPop LogoBrainPOP UK was Founded in 1999 and works with thousands of schools across the world, delivering high quality educational materials, professional development, and engaging learning experiences. BrainPOP UK creates animated, educational content that captivates students, supports teachers, and adds excitement to lessons. BrainPop UK’s award winning animations and resources are recognised across the world as a unique and engaging teaching and learning resource, and are used by teachers across all subjects and at all levels of experience.

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Community Playthings is a well-established company based in Robertsbridge, East Sussex. Since the 1970s Community Playthings has been making furniture for Nurseries. The company provides a free design and training service for teachers who can visit the community in Robertsbridge. They also provide a variety of free design guides and educational resources that cover the philosophical and pedagogical approaches that underpin the furniture design.

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Gaia Technologies has a well-earned reputation for innovation, commitment to customer care and an unrivalled track record for on-time and on-budget delivery of projects. Formed in 1992, Gaia Technologies has established itself as a trusted partner for schools and become one of the leading providers of ICT solutions to UK schools. From its headquarters in Bangor, and with operational bases in Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and London, Gaia currently looks after over 500 education customers.

Groupcall Logo

Groupcall was launched in 2001 to provide communication and data solutions to the education, public and private sectors. Groupcall is one of the education sector market leaders with its parental communication system, Groupcall Messenger, which is currently used in more than 2,500 schools throughout the UK and Europe. Co-founded by Sir Bob Geldof, Groupcall was initially created to improve general and emergency communication between a school and its parents.

Innovate My School Logo

Innovate My School (IMS) was founded in January 2010. It is a community-driven, grassroots organisation that, through a range of platforms, showcases the best in education innovation by teachers and industry experts from around the world. The IMS community reaches more than 50,000 friends and followers through their unique events, website, publications, partners, advisory board, weekly newsletters, and social media.


IRIS Connect believes that there is excellence in every learner, in every teacher and in every school. IRIS Connect is a powerful professional development tool designed to help teachers and schools build on their existing strengths to unleash this excellence. It provides is a scalable video and collaboration platform for whole school improvement at an affordable price. It enables teachers to tap into the knowledge, experience and expertise existing within their school and beyond.

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Just2easy was founded in 2001 and the Just2easy Tool Suite is now in use in thousands of schools across the UK and the world. The tools have won many internationally recognised awards including the 2017 BETT award for best tool for teaching, learning and assessment. Just2easy produces flexible software tools that allow children to be truly creative whilst they learn and enable teachers to focus on teaching and learning rather than on the software. We pride ourselves on the excellent relationships we have with our schools. Teachers using our products in the classroom often give us ideas to improve and enhance our software, input which we value greatly.

Lightspeed Logo

Lightspeed is an engineering company specializing in infrared classroom audio technology. These easy-to-use audio systems are designed to deliver optimum speech intelligibility, overcome classroom noise and provide crystal clear sound to all students regardless of where they may be seated or where the teacher may be standing. In addition, teachers report reduced vocal fatigue, improved classroom management, and increased academic performance without changing curriculum or teaching methods.

Rising Stars

Rising Stars is an educational publishing company that has come a long way. Their first books were published in 2002 and since then there has been huge investment in education. As a result the company has been able to develop an award-winning range of books, teaching resources and software that support teachers and learners in the UK and across the world. All products are created with teachers and learners (who always know best). On 1st January 2015 Rising Stars joined Hodder Education. You can read more about this exciting news, and enjoy a wealth of other helpful articles, over on our blog.

SAM Learning is an education services company that provides a series of proven solutions for school leaders. These solutions are delivered through the SAM Success Cycle, a multiple-year partnership to support long-term school improvement in a cost-effective way. This is our unique way to fulfil our company mission to provide a launch pad for career and life.

Show My Homework

Show My Homework is award-winning online homework software. Its mission is to ensure that set homework is worthwhile and raises standards, and is simple for the school to manage. Teachers set, share and can reuse tasks in a click. Student excuses and parental complaints are removed by providing them with homework instructions, deadlines and resources online or on our free mobile apps. Our comprehensive reports give Senior Leaders high-level insight into the quality and consistency of homework set and completed providing great evidence for Ofsted.

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Tablet Academy was founded in January 2013 by educationalists Professor Steve Molyneux and Mark Yorke and is a leading provider of teachnology consultancy, teacher training and pupil engagement sessions focused on the use of mobile technologies. The company ethos is that the ability to use technology is as fundamental to a child’s development as their ability to read and write and one focus of the company is to help schools identify and remove any barriers that inhibits advancement in the use of technology in education.

trudy nursery is a complete furniture solution for the nursery school developed in 2017 by the parent company British Thornton. Designed and produced with specific feedback from teachers, every detail has been designed to minimise risk, ensuring that the range is fun and safe for children to use with the flexibility to suit all kinds of learning and play.

trudy nursery is happy to report that after bashing, smashing and crashing (otherwise known as normal usage) by our ‘trudy testers’ at Handprints nursery, our furniture passed with flying colours! To see the testing in action click here.

A MirandaNet research and development project has now been commissioned to investigate how trudy nursery furniture design can extend nursery pupils’ learning. Nursery teachers will engage as co-researchers with the MirandaNet Fellowship in this initiative.Read more about this partnership with MirandaNet …