Tablet PCs in schools: Case study report

Tablet PCs in schools: Case study report

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This report provides an analysis of twelve case studies involving schools in England that were using Tablet PCs. The analysis is complemented by brief individual reports describing aspects of how each of these schools was using Tablet PCs.

The key findings emerging from the case studies were that Tablet PCs:

for maximum benefit, needed to be used in conjunction with a wireless network

needed to be introduced in a planned way that took full account of the school’s vision, as well as of the technical infrastructure, support and staff development, and day-to-day management issues

increased the amount of ICT use and the degree of integration of ICT across the curriculum

at some schools were used effectively to replace an ICT suite and thus free up space

increased motivation, and hence were likely to have a positive impact on learning outcomes

supported moves to more independent and collaborative study

used with a wireless data projector, provided a better solution than a desktop or laptop and hardwired interactive whiteboard

were seen as being more versatile than laptops, although the higher price of Tablet PCs relative to similarly specified laptops was prohibitive.

Publication Date: 2005

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You can download the full pdf HERE.

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