Microsoft Vista and Office 2007

Microsoft Vista and Office 2007

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Interim report with recommendations on adoption and deployment

Becta announced in January 2006 that it intended to conduct a review of Microsoft’s Vista operating system and Office 2007 productivity suite. In announcing the review Becta indicated that it would also look carefully at what advice it would give in relation to the advantages of coherence and continuity in the ICT institutional infrastructure, as opposed to, for example, investing resources in constantly acquiring the most recent versions of products.

The review comprised a detailed analysis of the new functionality in Vista and Office 2007, and an evaluation of the usefulness of that functionality when set against a number of key criteria for deployment.

Extensive interoperability tests were also carried out between different versions of Microsoft’s products and between Microsoft products and competitor offerings. We summarise below the main findings in respect of:

• Vista

• Office 2007

• Competitor office productivity suites and interoperability issues.

Publication Date: 2007

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You can download the full pdf HERE.

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