E-portfolios for apprentices

E-portfolios for apprentices

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A guide for providers and employers

This report covers the following areas:

1. Overview

2. Introduction

2.1 Implications of the Leitch review for apprenticeship programmes

2.2 Personalised learning and e-portfolios

3. Apprenticeships

3.1 What is an apprenticeship?

3.2 What are the individual elements of an apprenticeship?

3.3 Apprenticeship assessment and verification methods

3.4 Apprenticeship qualification pilot

4. E-portfolios

4.1 What is an e-portfolio?

4.2 What is an e-portfolio used for?

4.3 What sort of material does an e-portfolio contain?

4.4 Benefits of e-portfolios

4.5 Relevance of e-portfolios to apprenticeship programmes

5. Review and analysis of information on e-portfolio systems

5.1 General information

5.2 Information on advantages for learning providers and third sector organisations

5.3 Information on advantages for learners

5.4 Advice on choosing an e-portfolio system

5.5 Advice on implementing e-portfolio systems

5.6 Information on constructing an e-portfolio

5.7 Information on using e-portfolios

5.8 Information on developing e-portfolio maturity

5.9 Information on using e-portfolios for planning learning

5.10 Information on using e-portfolios for assessment

5.11 Information on using e-portfolios for reflection

5.12 Information on using e-portfolios for presenting learning

5.13 Information on issues to consider for e-portfolio implementation and use

5.14 Case studies of e-portfolio use

6. Conclusion

Publication Date: 2009

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You can download the full pdf HERE.

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