What the research says about ICT and reducing teachers’ workloads

What the research says about ICT and reducing teachers’ workloads

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This report is based on an analysis of current research about the use of ICT to reduce teachers’ workloads. It summarises the key findings and suggests resources for further reading.

The administrative tasks covered here include:
● preparing lesson plans and worksheets
● writing student reports and Individual Education Plans
● collating and analysing student attainment information for target-setting ● recording and analysing attendance and disciplinary information.

This report considers a wide range of ICT, including:

● portable ICT devices
● school networks
● web-based resources

● video conferencing
● common office applications such as spreadsheets, word processing and databases.

The Teacher Workload Study conducted by Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC,2001) estimated that ICT could save between 3.25 hours and 4.55 hours per teacher per week.Theissueof reducing workload is,however, much wider than whether ICT can help.Technology may be able to save time in the delivery of certain tasks but whether the task is necessary in the first place also needs careful consideration.

Publication Date: 2004

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You can download the full pdf HERE.