Think IT

Think IT

Think-It helps schools, colleges, Local Authorities & Mats to work out what they want and need from their IT investment.
The majority of schools don’t have an IT strategy and that can lead to reactive and poor investment decisions.
We believe that If they base their technology purchases on the OUTCOMES they want for their learners, staff, parents, governors and other stakeholders, they’ll make better investment choices.
A small, but growing organisation, Think IT was established in 2014 and is a DfE compliant EU tendered procurement framework, providing services to schools to advise and provide technologies with confidence without needing a procurement exercise or three quotes.

We make IT easy to understand:

– Educational IT is constantly changing and is confusing for many schools.
– We make it easy for schools to work out what they want and need.
– We make IT easy to buy.

Think IT brings together over fifty of the best educational suppliers in the UK and internationally.
We make it easy to be successful: Success is not about hardware or software, it’s about people. Our team creates a change programme specific to the challenges in every individual school.

See this infographic for more.