Raising aspirations for digital education – Conference update

Raising aspirations for digital education – Conference update

We hope we have prepared an enticing programme for the 32nd annual ITTE/MirandaNet conference in Winchester University 7/8th June 2018.

Highlights are talks by DfE and OfSTED about their role under a new Secretary of State as well as two other debates about the relationship between the edtech industry and education professionals and the best models for edtech CPD. We also have a CPD workshop for the edtech industry about how to work with academics and teachers.

Many MirandaNetters are authors of Enhancing Learning and Teaching with Technology UCL Publishing (edited by Ros Luckin) https://www.ucl-ioe-press.com/books/schools-and-schooling/enhancing-learning-and-teaching-with-technology/

MirandaNetters also attend the What the Research Says seminars so we have invited all the authors to debate the issues we have raised in special What the Research Says opening session where the book is at a discount. Let me know if you want one.

The prices reflect significant voluntary effort so that you can afford to come. Please sign up as soon as possible with your presentation. We also want to organise vibrant debates. The prices reflect the fact that this is not for profit conference but we have arranged a special price for WTRS authors if you only want to attend at the University of Winchester on 7th June. There will also be a discount on the book. Let me know how many you want.

There is also a special Czech MirandaNet celebration about the book that Bozena and I are writing and dinner on 8th June. Computing Women and the Ecology of Education Futures. We are keen to enlist your views.

We hope you will invite your students as we have special prices for them as well as publication opportunities and a workshop for early career academics.

At the end of the conference we will be producing a white paper bringing together the views of the participants’ about Raising aspirations for digital education. I do hope you will come to help us define Education Futures.