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Mapping Educational Specialist knowHow


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About MESH

MirandaNet is a partner of MESH, an organisation that is aiming to empower the teachers’ voice through research. Their view is that professional knowledge is not static but there will never be enough additional funding to keep professional knowledge up to date unless we harness energies and resources already in the education system such as the research that is undertaken for masters thesis and PhD and EdD thesis together with the work of teacher researcher networks. MESH as a system is designed to engage educators in building and updating the evidence base for practice. MESH operates like a professional association with volunteers taking on leading roles in developing and quality assuring research summaries in their own specialist areas. MESH is designed to be managed as a professional association, managed by members, in order to ensure sustainability.

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Connecting educators with summaries and sources of educational research

Developing research informed practice is a challenge for educators not least because published educational research is rarely focused on the knowledge teachers need to improve educational outcomes.

Much research based knowledge is currently buried in theses, held by individual academics and teachers or published in academic journals and reports, which are not easily accessible to teachers. MESH provides a way for teachers to access this knowledge so that it can be leveraged to improve student outcomes. The Ed Futures Collaboration provides the e-infrastructure to support worldwide collaborative work between those who want to strengthen the educational evidence base and support teaching becoming a strongly evidence-based profession.

We recognise the challenges involved in applied educational research and making findings accessible and applicable to practitioners. However, we are prepared to work with these uncertainties to see what we can create together. We invite you to join us if you too are prepared to try out this way of working in education. MESH provides a way for practitioners, teacher educators or policy makers to engage with educational research and pedagogic strategies in ways that are useful to their practice. Specialist groups produce specialist MESH Guides.

A participatory methodology is being used through the Education Futures Collaboration which use the Education Communities platform to support academics and practitioners across countries working in collaboration.