London Knowledge Lab

London Knowledge Lab

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MirandaNet runs projects and holds events in partnership with the London Knowledge Lab, UCL Institute of Education.

The London Knowledge Lab is a unique collaboration between two of the UK’s most prominent centres of research – the UCL Institute of Education and Birkbeck.  The Lab brings together computer and social scientists from a very broad range of fields, including:

  • education,
  • sociology,
  • culture and media,
  • semiotics,
  • computational intelligence,
  • information management,
  • personalisation,
  • semantic web
  • ubiquitous technologies. 

This means that issues can be tackled from many different perspectives, and this is reflected in our mission, to

  • Understand the place of digital technologies and media in our cultural, social and educational relationships with knowledge – finding, acquiring, creating, and sharing it;
  • Design, build and evaluate systems, processes and interfaces that enhance these relationships; and
  • Examine critically the assumptions about knowledge and learning that underlie the increasingly wide range of applications of digital technologies.

The ways in which we learn, and what we need to know, are changing.  Our research aims to explore and invent the roles of technology in this process, and to understand how technology relates to broader social, economic and cultural factors.