Joining as an Associate

Joining as an Associate

Joining as an Associate

Programme 2015

Joining MirandaNet is valuable to companies who want to improve their networks with educators as the professional organisation has more than 1,000 members in 80 countries who are keen to hear about new digital products and services and to debate how they might improve students learning.

Out-reach and web stats


We are proud of the web stats we have achieved since we were founded in 1992. We score nearly 6 out of 10 on Google. These are unusually high figures and must be due to the quality of the publications Fellows submit  the years. Our readership is increasing by 12% per year.


The website receives significant traffic:

  • 6,000 unique visitors a month who often return;
  • up to 11 pages viewed per visitor;
  • consistent traffic day by day, month by month, year on year;
  • global traffic;
  • high user engagement.

We have 1,000 members in 80 countries but overall the visitors to website are from:

  • Europe 490,000 49%;
  • UK 300,00 30%;
  • China 170,000 17%;
  • USA 160,000 16%;

In addition we reach about 60,000 professionals through their organisations channels and journals e.g. ITTE, Naace and ALT.

We will be able to give our associates far more detail about the breakdown of our readership because a new website will be launched in May providing members with a Linkedin style service for developing the network activity as well as increasing the space and prominence for associates research reports within the Knowledge Hub.

Events and webinars

We hold  events and online discussions throughout the year give you as associates an opportunity to hear what educators are saying and to get to know them better. You are invited to present at these events as part of your associateship subscription as well as attending informative networking dinners. We also run courses about the value of research and about entering for awards.

The programme until July 2015 is

  • January 21-24 BETT15 (London) on the DfE stand presenting on several panels
  • March 25th/26th Naace (Nottingham) presenting IRIS and LightSpeed research
  •  HEA conference Nottingham, 14th April- presenting associates research;
  • Forest High School – private schools conference- 20th April- presenting on the Icatalyst programme and learning online.
  • Innovations in Education Colloquium, 23-26th April running a symposium on MOOCS, SPOCS and COOCs, Brescia, Italy.
  • International conference on e-learning. May 28th -29th, Slovenia. Running a workshop about using technology for education innovation

We are also partnering the London Knowledge Lab, Institute of Education in the 2014/2015 series of What the Research Says. The next one is June 5th.

New MirandaNet services

Now is a good time to get involved as you can participate in our plans for the new website. In particular:

  • the design of new spaces for Associates’ news and research evidence;
  • planning the events programme;
  • improved technology for streaming events;
  • MirandaNet kitemarking for associate products and services;
  • sharing innovative research methods to explore product potential in learning;
  • a programme of workshops for associates in the value of research and entering for awards.

More about the associate package here

Research and professional development projects
If you decide to develop a bespoke research and continuing professional development project with us we develop a plan that makes the most of your marketing or research and development budget with clear outcomes. You can also gain a qualification if you help to plan and execute the research with the teachers. Find out more about these opportunities for associates.