Failure To Succeed

Failure To Succeed

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Naace Strategic Conference returns to the East Midlands Conference Centre on 25th – 26th March 2015.

Failure is the first step to success, and with a growth mindset ALL can succeed.

Schools leading with connected-world learning create high levels of challenge, develop resilience in adversity, lever creativity to exceed expectations and create a culture of collaboration in learning.

It is a stimulating 2 day programme with MirandaNet members in 4 sessions

Panel session ‘Technology Impacts on Education That will Arrive Faster than Expected’

  • Dr Christina Preston- Professor of Education Innovation MirandaNet, University of Bedfordshire
  • Oliver Quinlan- Programme Manager, Nesta
  • Mike Wilkinson- Product Dirextor, Frog
  • Andy Dolinski- Learning Technology Coordinator/Assistant Team Leader ICT and Business, Bosworth Academy

The panellists will discuss technology developments of huge importance to education, that are already visible but not yet properly factored into the strategic thinking of school leaders and ICT Co-ordinators.

In addition there will be 3  talks by MirandaNet members:

Listening to Learn: Reflections on Creating an Effective Learning Environment’ LightSpeed- Dr Sarah Younie, MA Programme Leader and Principal Lecturer in Education Studies, De MontFort University and MirandaNet

 ‘Using Open Media Resources in School’- Theo Kuechel, Educational Research and Consultancy, MirandaNet

‘Shaping the Future of CPD: Looking at the Value of Web based Video in professional Learning’- IRIS connect: Dr Christina Preston, Professor of Education Innovation MirandaNet, University of Bedfordshire

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