Programme (May 21st)

Programme (May 21st)

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Workshop Programme

Education innovation and pupil achievement through practice-based research

21st May, 10:30-17:00

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Registration and coffee
Welcome and introduction to the day

In partnership with Naace
Professor Christina Preston (MirandaNet Founder)
Sarah Malone (Research Development Manager, DMU)
Mark Chambers (CEO Naace)

“Visual Learning with 3D and Green Screen Technologies”
Bernard Dady, Head of Education Transformation, Gaia Technologies plc

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Sprint Research
Presentations by teacher co-researchers with MirandaNet Associates: findings and future plans.
Sprint 1
Engaging pupils in learning using interactive video, quizzes, and games.Dawn Hallybone (Oakdale Junior School), Chris Bradford (BrainPOP) and Dominic Preston (MirandaNet)
Sprint 2
Innovation in the assessment of learning: using eye-tracking technology:Nether Hall Special School, Dr Sarah Younie and Rajvir Cheema (MirandaNet)
Sprint 3
Using Live In-Ear Video Coaching to Improve Teaching.Mike Fleetham (Thinking Classroom), Naoimh Campbell and Michelle Fritche (Braunstone Community Primary School)
Sprint 4
Developing an EdTech vision in a primary school: a progression model for professional learning.Tristan Hughes and Caroline Van Niekerk (Bodnant Primary School) and Joe Basketts (Gaia Technologies).
Table-Top Demonstrations and Exhibits
“Linking Pedagogy with Innovation”
Charles Crook, Nottingham University
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Insight: Making innovation work
A MirandaMod Unconference

Participants will work in three parallel groups work to pinpoint methods that could enable evidence-based changes in teaching and learning. A key emphasis will be on identifying innovations in pedagogy that aim to impact on achievement and thinking about future research.

What is a MirandaMod? /knowledgehub/mirandamods/
Insight Group 1
Is digital media studies more popular than computing?
Rapporteur: David Longman
Presenters: Tracey Ramage (Ormiston Academy, Grimsby) and Bernard Dady (Gaia Technologies)
Insight Group 2
Listening to Learn: Classroom Audio Technology for Enriching Teaching and Learning.
Rapporteur: Jon Audain
Presenters: John Sibbald (Manchester Communication Academy) and Roger Turner (Lightspeed)
Insight Group 3
Building professional capital: using web-enabled video technology for reflective practice, coaching and collaboration.
Rapporteur: Sarah Younie
Presenter: Vesna Belogaska (IRIS Connect)

Co-researchers: Naoimh Campbell, and Michelle Fritche (Braunstone Community Primary School, Leicester), Atisha Parmar (Mellor Community Primary School, Leicester), Paul Collin (St Augustine Academy, Woodard Academies Trust) and Mike Fleetham (Thinking Classroom)
Discussion of research project ideas to include: how CPD needs can be addressed; strategies by which schools can use evidence to enhance learning and teaching; methods of marketing the evidence to boost school profilesPanel: Key issues and questions led by David Longman (MirandaNet)

MirandaMod collation of evidence: Jon Audain (Winchester University and MirandaNet)

Knowledge building technology provided by Promethean
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Closing Keynote: What have we learned today about the value of research in the classroom. What’s next? Sarah Younie (De Montfort University) and Dominic Preston (MirandaNet)
Closing remarks and awardsProfessor Christina Preston
Workshop Close
Early supper for those who can stayBook with Rajvir Cheema (see Events Calendar)