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Student Voices As part of our commitment to improving the student experience we are carrying out independent and on-going research into how students learn. We are investigating student perceptions, motivations and challenges as well as their use and expectations of learning resources. Our research includes student views from the UK, Europe and South Africa.

The Student Voices project has already enabled us to work more closely with lecturers around the world, ensuring that, together, we continue to engage and stretch students, producing learning tools and opportunities that best suit them, and meet their changing needs.

This first stage qualitative report already provides some interesting reflections by students on how they learn.

Reviews of Student Voices

Three reports have already appeared commenting on the content of the report.

Andrew Robinson, Director of Higher Education, Cengage Learning EMEA

The Europe, Middle East and Africa division at Cengage is led by Andrew Robinson. Andrew’s career in the education sector spans 25 years and throughout his time working with faculty and students, Andrew and his team have evolved the delivery of content and learning solutions to meet pedagogical needs and solve contemporary challenges around student engagement, retention, satisfaction and employability.