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Testimonial – Graham Newell, IRIS Connect Associate

Rob Ellis

Testimonial – Graham Newell, IRIS Connect Associate

Being a MirandaNet associate has given us marketing opportunities that our company would not other wise enjoy. MirandaNet has 800 members in 80 countries but in addition, members have worked with governments and institutions in approximately 25 countries and can give us valuable contacts. Recently Christina Preston did a speaking tour of universities and schools in Australia and Poland, for example, and has provided us with leads from these countries.

Knowledge about us is spread because Fellows mention our products in their research presentations but they also find us leads when they are networking with colleagues. These recommendations are the strongest we receive in terms of potential sales. MirandaNet Fellows are also very well informed about education systems in the countries where they have worked which can be useful in knowing how to approach new markets.

Being an Associate of the MirandaNet Fellowship is also prestigious as they are known only to accept applications from companies with products and services that are valuable to teachers.

We are also gaining from MirandaNet’s reputation in research since 1992 which is outstanding: They have done studies for governments, companies and a range of institutions. We like the writing style as well which appeals to teachers. We also like the advice that is given to teachers that is a practical outcome from the research.

As a  result of our respect for the quality of MirandaNet research, we are in the middle of a research project with MirandaNet  Fellows that promises to be a useful addition to our portfolio.