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Testimonial – Rachel Jones, Steljes Associate and Director of the Elliot Academies

Rob Ellis

Testimonial – Rachel Jones, Steljes Associate and Director of the Elliot Academies

Steljes have now been associates of MirandaNet for nearly 10 years and in that time we have had staff training from Fellows about working with teachers online as well as conducting research into interactive whiteboards. We learn about the inside story in policy in the networking dinners and the conferences and have been advised on access to government agencies.

The research report increased our international profile and gave a useful boost to sales. With MirandaNet we are now considering ways other than print of disseminating research findings that make them more instantly interesting to teachers: talking heads, mind maps and national newspaper campaigns.

A key value of MirandaNet is that the organisation able to introduce a company  in a way that companies cannot do themselves: in professional organisations, in professional journals and on conference platforms.  Exposure in the MirandaNet newsletter, on the website and in targeted workshops and focus groups has worked well as we are linked with a prestigious organisations. Teachers and government agencies trust the recommendations of MirandaNet Fellows as a key influencer in the community.

In my role of Education Director at the Elliot Foundation Academies Trust, I am keen to have our staff test out new products if they are relevant. This is such a good way of working with Fellows to develop Continuing Professional Development for our teachers in the use of digital technologies in teaching and learning. We are particularly keen also to put in some joint bids that can underpin our teacher development programme.