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Upcoming Event – What the research says

Rob Ellis

Upcoming Event – What the research says

You are invited to 20th Research Event. Friday 5th June at 1:30-4:00 at the London Knowledge Lab:

Excellence in education and in educational technology is critical for the UK to compete globally, and for the success of individual education providers. However there is “Little continuing improvement in the quality of instruction – because there is no consistent basis for building the evidence of what works and what does not.”[1] What can we do about this and how can and when should research evidence impact on educational technology design and use?

[1] Morris & Hiebert (2011). Creating Shared Instructional Products : An Alternative Approach to Improving Teaching. Educational Researcher, 40(1), 5-14.

To book your place use Eventbrite link or go through the London Knowledge Lab Innovations website: