Research Services

Research Services

MirandaNet Fellows offer an innovative qualitative research programme to their associates as well as schools. In these programmes teachers participate as co-researchers to define, measure and report on the impact of innovation on learning in their classroom and their school.

MirandaNet has a unique reputation in the market for independence, credibility and market leading research into technology and innovation. Through action research, MirandaNet works with associates to define, measure and report on the impact their products and services have on learning.

Our action research methodology gives the school time to reflect of the use of technology and analyse its use, effectiveness and impact. This offers the school a rare chance to review best practice and the way they deploy innovation to enhance learning. For our associates, it gives them valuable feedback on their products, product feedback and quantified evidence of learning.

  • Our services include:
    • Sprint: Product impact
      • Action research workshop to measure the impact of technology and innovation in teaching and learning. Single school and project to produce a white paper and product review
    • Sprint: Innovation Audit
      • Action research project t to give schools and businesses time to reflect and define the pedagogy and strategy to inform their choices in innovation and technology
    • iCatalyst
      • Full CPD program to define innovation strategy, review implementation and measure the impact on learning over the long term. We run iCatalyst over a minimum of an academic year

MirandaNet Research Ethos

The MirandaNet programs are designed to deliver enhanced CPD through action research, communities of practice and educator driven thought leadership.

As co-researchers we empower educators to guide, lead and understand their education al needs. With low impact, operational CPD, accredited research and low impact strategic decision-making we give the school a chance to reflect, learn and enhance their skills and knowledge.

By amalgamating action research and CPD the action research methodology becomes an operational process in schools, managing change. We want to assist the schools in defining their pedagogy strategy to inform coherent and informed decision-making in education

MirandaNet research Benefits

  • Academic rigour
    • All research is underpinned by professorial depth, expert and academics
  • Impartial and credible
    • MirandaNet guides and manage the research process and tools
    • MirandaNet acts as a buffer between commerce and education improving responses and access
  • Testimonials, case studies and advocacy
    • User engagement
    • Extending product lifecycle and product knowledge

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