2nd Knowledge Mobilisation Summit

2nd Knowledge Mobilisation Summit

2nd Global Teacher Education Knowledge Mobilisation Summit:
UNESCO Education 2030 Framework for Action

Irina Bukova Director General of UNESCO has identified the potential for teacher educators to act as change agents in the achieving of UNESCO’s Sustainable Development Goal 4 – Improving the quality of education by 2030.

These Summits are designed to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 4 within the UNESCO Education 2030 Framework for Action. This second Summit is focused on improving Teacher Retention and Teacher Quality Efficiency through the use of International Aid funds to develop low cost strategies for engaging teacher educators as change agents to achieve SDG4 including low cost digital tools and infrastructure.

UNESCO, the OECD and national governments have repeatedly identified teacher retention, teacher quality, teacher education, knowledge mobilisation, and evidence informed practice as providing major challenges to education systems.

The Summits bring together policy makers and educators with everyone playing an active role in the free exchange of ideas and knowledge.

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