Professional Development

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How iCatalyst Works

Working with all key stakeholders, the iCatalyst consultants identify what they want to gain from their investment in digital technologies in terms of evidence of learning. Crucial to iCatalyst’s success is the methodology of collecting of evidence of learning in the classroom and the ability to measure the impact of implementation.

 iCatalyst will embed change and give the participants the ability to track and measure change for internal analysis and reporting for Pupil Premium and Ofsted. Using this knowledge to impact positively on their policies and work practices collaboratively.

 As co-researchers the participants build a professional community in order to amass the evidence they need to underpin the changes they want to make. Publishing case studies on the MirandaNet website continue to build our knowledge hub where professionals can share and drive knowledge to a global audience of like-minded professionals.

 The programme is designed to achieve consensus amongst the participants about what needs to be changed, and more importantly, why and how. In this context participants in iCatalyst are often asked to draw individual and collaborative maps about their progress through the programme rather than write an essay. This map creation often results in more honesty about the challenges of professional learning and the emotional impact of embedding change that the iCatalyst programme aims to acknowledge.


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