Digital Lives

MirandaNet, one of the strongest and best-established online education communities, has at its core the use of digital technologies to enhance learning.

These observations on learning look at some of the ways in which the affordances of technology are shaping the lives and work of young people.

  • Engaging young learners through Digital Game Based learning
    Abstract The last decade has seen an increased interest in Digital Game Based Learning (DGBL), which has been suggested as an effective way to engage and motivate young learners. In this research, DGBL was introduced to learners in year 1 in order to increase engagement and motivation levels. It was conducted in a state Primary school located within the East Midlands region. With researches and studies defining today’s learners as a ‘net generation’ and ‘twist-speed generation’. Digital games have become an ... Read More ...
  • Virtual Learning
      The impact of ICT on the way that young people work and learn   Abstract Longitudinal research into patterns of computer use with students aged 11-19 over a period of six years has identified significant shifts in ways of thinking, working and learning. This paper outlines the findings of the research and identifies its implications for education. Of particular significance are the ways in which the learning strategies shaped by the use of computers impact on overall student learning styles. These are often ... Read More ...