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How New Pedagogies Find Deep Learning

Matthew Nicholson

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A Rich Seam

Executive Summary

This report is about three new forces that are converging to break open prodigious learning possibilities. The first force, ‘new pedagogies’, springs from the new learning partnerships that emerge between and among students and teachers when digital tools and resources become pervasive. The second, ‘new change leadership’, merges top-down, bottom-up and sideways energies to generate change that is faster and easier than anything seen in past efforts at reform. The third, ‘new system economics’, makes the powerful learning tools and resources that accelerate the first two forces more affordable for all. These forces are nascent, but we see them expanding rapidly – together acting as a form of positive contagion that becomes unstoppable given the right conditions. These are changes we desperately need. A generation of youth is facing daunting challenges. Unemployment rates among young people are at an all-time high. Far too many students find their schooling boring and irrelevant, and don’t consider it a predictable route to a good job and life. Amid such gloom, many of us are trying to find a way to expand the pockets of educational innovation that directly address these challenges so that they become broad, holistic change across whole systems. This report describes a rich seam of insight into how education systems are beginning to change and how new pedagogies that aim to achieve deep learning on a large scale are already being implemented in classrooms, in schools and across a few education systems.

Publication Date: 2014

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You can download the full pdf HERE.

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