The ultimate guide to ICT across the curriculum

The ultimate guide to ICT across the curriculum

The Ultimate Guide to Using ICT Across the Curriculum (For Primary Teachers): Web, widgets, whiteboards and beyond!

Jon Audain.  2014. Bloomsbury

Review by Christina Preston. Published: 15 January 2015.

ultimate guideJon has packed into this book a wealth of exciting and creative ideas that will enthuse teachers and pupils alike. His easy style makes the book very readable. The publication is timely and teachers who use it will feel well prepared to plan and execute some motivating lessons using ICT.

The coverage of the full curriculum is exemplary with a outstanding suggestions for music which is Jon’s specialist subject. The grading of tasks for teachers who are nervous beginners, enthusiastic learners or experts works well as do the icons throughout the book denoting creative projects, mobile technologies and for the ICT coordinator. Plenty of signposts for every kind of professional who is using ICT.

In the section on teaching Computing as  subject, the section on computer programming, outlines the requirements in language that is easy to understand and will allay many teachers concerns about their lack of training.It is also pleasing that he has balanced these technical concerns with an insightful chapter about teaching Digital Citizenship and E-Safety.

The book stands out as a handbook for general classroom use because of the careful thought Jon has given to reaching school staff where teachers have many different levels of training and confidence in this field.

I tried to find something the author has left out in this comprehensive but in his hints and tips for ICT coordinators he even remembers to suggest a kettle lead amongst the list of cables every school should have in a box – typical of the practitioner commonsense he brings to this subject.