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NCUP Annual Luncheon at the House of Lords

20th May 2022 11.45am – 2.30pm

This annual event is to be held again following the restrictions of the pandemic. This is an excellent opportunity to meet Professor Dame Madeleine Atkins, DBE, who is addressing the luncheon, and Patron, Baroness Pauline Perry of Southwark.

If you are interested in attending, please download the form or go to

Once you have registered, you will be sent you a map (showing the entry via Black Rod’s Gate) and the official invitation, which is required to gain entry to the House of Lords.


Building Creative Global Teacher Education Communities Post-Pandemic: international research-based collaboration
June 21-23 2022

Use this url to sign up:

A chance to catch up with colleagues
Learning from our peers has been a casualty of Covid – or has it? At last, a face-to-face conference with a strong education innovation approach. Four key professional associations in digital education are collaborating to share our knowledge: Naace, MESHGuides, MirandaNet Fellowship and the Technology, Pedagogy and Education Association (Formerly ITTE). We are looking for contributors especially those who have learnt more ways of making digital education effective during the pandemic. Do join us also for the MirandaNet party celebrating this edtech professionals collaboration since 1992. Now all the MirandaNet resources will be transferred to the TPEA website to ensure their value to the professional for many years to come.

100 sign-ups are needed by the end of April
Despite this upbeat encouragement to you all, as we are sure is the case for many of your institutions, the higher education sector in the UK is experiencing serious financial challenges, and as a small, niche university, Bath Spa is no exception, indeed, it is particularly vulnerable. Therefore, we cannot run the ICET World Assembly (WA) at a loss and we must inform you that the BSU conferencing team have imposed the deadline of the end of April for us to have signed up 100 people for the World Assembly to break even.

Travel restrictions
In terms of travel to the UK, there are now no legal restrictions and although there is still a relatively high incidence of covid infection, the rates of serious illness and hospitalisation are greatly reduced. At Bath Spa and in the Apex Hotel precautions are in place and we think that you can all be reasonably confident of a safe stay.

From the ICET conference committee

Linda La Velle, Christina Preston, Sarah Younie

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Here is the programme.