Visit by Lubna Malik (2014)

Visit by Lubna Malik (2014)

Lubna Malik’s Visit

Younie and Malik

Sarah Younie and Lubna Malik on tour

Many thanks to MirandaNetters Lawrence Williams and Allison Allen who helped to ensure that Lubna Bashir Malik enjoyed a full programme of school visits and workshops when she visited England in October 2014. Lubna, an Educational Technology Trainer from the City School System in Lahore, Pakistan, greatly enjoyed her experience and the professional development that resulted from it. In 2015 Lubna was awarded a MirandaNet Senior Fellowship.

“This was a great learning experience for me to take back to Pakistan where using technology in education creates a buzz. I feel interacting with different learning communities not only helps us to exchange ideas but it also brings us nearer to sharing thinking patterns. I learned much from the “What the Research Says” session at the London Knowledge Lab about the potential and impact of Technology Enhanced Learning(TEL) and about the potential of partnerships between practitioners, industry and the research community. Although teachers are the main force in creating a  meaningful learning environment I realised that building a social capital network will enable them not only to keep pace with the change but also to be the source of change. The second session at the LKL about planning lessons and courses with pedagogy in mind opened a wide array of perspectives within my own context and for the education in Pakistan also.

The Learning Designer tool developed by Professor Laurillard can be used in Pakistan as well to gauge the effective impact of taking teaching and learning online, through fruitful discussion. The ‘AHA’ moments were amazing as the ideas floated were encouraged and accepted. I have now joined the Learning Designer Third Challenge so that I can learn more.

I was impressed to see the role of MirandaNetters in TEL education. My wish is to spread this  so that we could find this educational boost though our community in Pakistan as well.

I am planning to set up a MirandaNet chapter. I hope Pakistanis who are already members of MirandaNet will get in touch with me to make this dream a reality. I look forward to hearing from you.”

Lubna Bashir Malik : qaislubna(at)