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Dr Christina Preston, Founder of MirandaNet Fellowship, Associate Professor of Education at The Institute for Education Futures, De Montfort University.

The editor of the MirandaNet newsletter, Christina has been at the forefront of edtech for over 25 years. Her background is English, Drama and Media studies which is the reason why in the 1980s, she agreed to author Scoop and Newsnet, the adventure games about IT for schools, in the early 1980s. These titles qualified her to be a Fellow of the British Computer Society although she does not code and whetted her appetite for what digital technologies might offer teaching and learning. In the same year she was the first author to be elected to the Society of Authors on the basis of her authorship of computer games as well as her published poetry and short stories. She has continued her writing for the Times Education Supplement, School Week, Education Executive and a range of other education titles as well as a range of academic publiscations. She has planned different kinds of edtech strategies on all five continents and is currently writing a book about the impact of democracy and totalitarianism on the status of edtech in teaching and learning and her co-author, Dr Bozena Mannova, Czech Technical University. This might sound dry – but Christina , are sprinkling the text with anecdotes about the experiences they have had through working together in England and the Czech Republic since they met in 1994. Computers figure but there are significant interruptions relating to Art Nouveau and shopping.

Christina has won 5 international awards for her contribution to education innovation in research and in practice based professional development programmes. In 1992 she founded the MirandaNet Fellowship, the first international e-community of practice, to provide educators with opportunities to share knowledge and experience about innovation in teaching and learning. The newsletter draws on MirandaNet activities including MirandaNet Fellows work with associate companies on research projects that involve teachers in managing change.

A longer profile can be found here.