Moving from a Computing to a Digital Media curriculum

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders: moving from a computing to a digital media curriculum

Published: 2017 (with permission)

Professor Christina Preston, Founder, MirandaNet Fellowship.[1]

Professor Sarah Younie, Director, MirandaNet Fellowship[2]

Bernard Dady, M.Ed, Head of Transformation, MirandaNet Senior Fellow[3]

Tracey Ramage, MA, School Leader and MirandaNet Senior Fellow

Jon Audain, M.Ed. Senior Lecturer and MirandaNet Fellow[4]

 Abstract. In this professional development initiative designed to introduce Digital Media into the curriculum, teachers and senior leaders engage as co-researchers in a practice based project that takes place in a deprived area in the North East of England. What is unusual is that the leader of the continuing professional development programme (CPD) and the advisers from the MirandaNet Fellowship based at DeMontfort University enjoy the support of an associate company, Gaia. The company representatives also engage as co-researchers in the development of digital tools in addition to extending their digital infrastructure service. This technical and production support was not only valuable in the success of the project, but also gives the pupils an opportunity to understand how their new skills can be used in the world of work. This study outlines the achievements and challenges of the first year of this three-year practice-based CPD programme in which the teachers collect evidence of the beginnings of change in the teaching and learning programme and recommend actions for the next two years. But whereas this first year ends with evidence of sustainability this is disrupted in the second year by a change of head and key staff and reduction in funding. It is a cautionary tale for those proceeding with innovation in a political climate in English schools that does not encourage change.

Keywords: Professional development, computing, digital media, leadership, funding constraints.

[1] Institute for Education Futures, De Montfort University

[2] Institute for Education Futures, De Montfort University

[3] Gaia Technologies, MirandaNet Associate company

[4] Winchester University


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