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Innovate My School (IMS) is a community-driven, grassroots organisation showcasing through a range of platforms the best in education innovation by teachers and industry experts from around the world. Founded in 2010 by managing director Michael Forshaw, Innovate My School’s community reaches more than 50,000 friends and followers through their unique events, website, publications, partners, advisory board, weekly newsletters, and social media.

With over 100 UK regional IMS Speed Dating events held annually, Innovate My School keeps over 2,500 busy school leaders up-to-date with the latest innovations free-of-charge. Chiswick School headteacher Tony Ryan said: “The IMS Speed Dating was a revelation; such a simple yet brilliant idea, with delegates able to see some of the latest technologies in a completely risk-free environment.”

Alongside the events, offers a daily dose of fresh online editorial content to keep educators informed about the latest ideas and trends in education. With over 450 contributors from around the world, Innovate My School retains a special ‘Best of British’ identity by seeking out pioneering British teachers to share their best ideas and practices in teaching and learning. These articles are shared via the company’s weekly Community Update, which is sent out to 19,800 subscribers every Thursday morning.

While the organisation shares guest articles via their website’s Ideas section, readers are also encouraged to enjoy the IMS Guide. Offered free-of-charge, this annual publication looks at 10 popular topics in the sector and examines them with the help of expert educators. The IMS Guide is printed and distributed at IMS Speed Dating sessions, and is available to read on the Innovate My School website.

Through the @InnovateMySchl Twitter account, the organisation liaises one-on-one with different kinds of educators. These tweets include promoted articles, follow-recommendations, shared resources, valuable information and a general celebration of all things teaching. Innovate My School currently boasts over 21,500 followers, and considers Twitter to be the number one platform for liaising with the teaching community in real-time. Innovate My School is also present on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Innovate My School’s vision is to empower every teacher to think beyond traditional boundaries, lead proactively and, most importantly, feel inspired. This vision is achieved by sharing precisely what other teachers are doing to push boundaries and supporting the discovery of emerging tools and trends.

Get involved by visiting, @InnovateMySchl or contacting the team on

Innovation speed dating for teachers from Innovate My School on Vimeo.