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Testimonial – Roger Turner, Lightspeed Technologies Associate

Rob Ellis

Testimonial – Roger Turner, Lightspeed Technologies Associate

Often teachers and academics do not want to hear from companies and I for one get rather bored on an exhibition stand where teachers pass me by – even though I have had prestigious jobs in education in the past. In MirandaNet, however, Fellows know that Lightspeed Technologies has a strong commitment to education and we like the fact that we are treated as equals and our opinions are respected.

I enjoy most the networking dinners where MirandaNet put together academics, companies and teachers at the table to discuss current education issues. We also value participating in the events that MirandaNet run. We bring a pull-up and we are given a table where we can give demonstrations. But also Fellows help us to develop presentations that show how our product has been well researched and really adds to the quality of our networking with educators when we can speak on an equal footing about education issues. We are now building on some research into the value of our soundfield equipment, in particular a new system that supports small group collaborative teaching and learning.  MirandaNet Fellows have given considerable help in the design of the research model and will be participating in the role out of the school-based action research programme and the analysis of data collected.

My company is based in Oregon, USA and its Executive Board appreciate the opportunities that The MirandaNet Fellowship gives them to make contacts in England and to understand how educators think. The highlight for the Board was BETT13 where they talked to some very interesting Fellows and heard their presentations in the conference that ran alongside BETT13.