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Rob Ellis


LightSpeed: Learning and listening

An evaluation of Classroom Audio Technology for Enriching Teaching and Learning

This report covers the findings from a research project designed to help teachers of professional development to promote teacher confidence and competence in developing strategies in both traditional and collaborative learning contexts. The aim is ultimately to assist schools in improving their achievement record by taking a fresh look at their professional practice based on teachers’ action research observations.

Overall 22 schools, 12 primary and 10 secondary, from four West London boroughs Hertfordshire, Dudley, Northamptonshire, Manchester and Devon in England as well as 2 primary schools from Scotland are involved in this research. In the first stage from 2008-2014, REDCAT Classroom Audio Distribution (CAD) systems were installed in classrooms where traditional teaching techniques were being investigated. The second stage of the research that started in 2013 was undertaken by teachers experimenting with collaborative learning techniques and how to assess the results of group working. This second stage is still on-going but the emerging trends are also reported.

Full report here