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Vision Mapping in Practice

Dr Christina Preston

Vision Mapping in Practice


Using Inspiration to support learners and teachers

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The Worcestershire Vision Mapping project will be focused on the Forest of Feckenham and aims to involve and encourage the community to shape the future of its biodiversity heritage.

The project aims to encourage appreciation and awareness of the importance of biodiversity to quality of life to as many sectors of the community as possible, and encourage participation in developing a ‘biodiversity vision’ for their area.

Communities will be encouraged to explore both past and present, for example, surveying the area and collecting reminiscences of older residents, together with aspirations for the future, aiming to identify what matters most to the community regarding their local wildlife. This will generate a sense of stewardship and responsibility for its future welfare. The project aims to explore new and innovative ways to engage community interest, and so develop a template to use in the future throughout the county.

The school based aspects of the project will use Inspiration to support both teachers and learners to develop the creative responses local children have between people and place on a variety of levels but with a specific focus on local biodiversity.

Author: Jane Finch Publication Date: 2006 

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The Vision Mapping Project has produced a series of Inspiration Maps, which are published in HTML format elsewhere on the MirandaNet website, complete with audio explanations of some of the maps.

Start your visit to these maps by going to the Inspiration Home Page (/associates/inspiration.htm) on MirandaNet and look for the Visual Mapping Project link at the top of the page.


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