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Using ACTIVboards in Beijing schools

Dr Christina Preston

Using ACTIVboards in Beijing schools



A progress report. 


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It is a new teaching tendency to use Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) to promote the transformation of teaching and learning. With such a consensus, Beijing Academy of Educational Sciences (BAES) together with Promethean and the MirandaNet Fellowship will jointly initiate a collaborative project on using IWB in Beijing schools. We organized 13 project schools to explore the strategies and good practice of how to use IWB in classroom teaching for better pupil achievement. Now there are more than 60 interactive Whiteboards installed in classrooms in Beijing, China.


Author: Wei Wang



Publication Date: 2005

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This is an English lesson using an ACTIVboard in a primary school in Beijing. The students like to work on the IWB by themselves, which will stimulate their enthusiasm for learning.

BAES was providing IWB training for the teachers and staff of the project school.

Also we have provided a course on the technology of IWB for 2 – 4 hours for the teachers. And then we have arranged the workshop or conference about IWB. It is good practice for training teachers share the experience between the teachers using ACTIVboards in the lessons in the workshop.

The English lesson using an ACTIVboard was shown in the conference on the development and integration of ICT in schools, which was praised by the audience and the representatives of Promethean.


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References & Contacts

School list



Mr. Ma Qiang Gu Cheng Zhong Xin Primary School bjmq@263.net13366102996@sina.com
Mr. Wang ZhenYu Beijing 50 Secondary School zhenyu@263.net.cn
Mr. Zhou Lian Sheng Jing Tai Primary School zls@jtedu.cn 
Ms. Guo Hong Beijing 125 Secondary School graceguo69@yahoo.com
Mr. Lu Dong Beijing 54 Secondary School chenjh165@sina.comLvdong67@163.com
Mr. Gao Zhen Feng Dong Beijing 14 Secondary School gaozhenfen@sohu.com
Mr. Jiang Dong Dong Jiao Min Xiang Primary School Djmx001@163.com
Ms. Sun Wen Yan No 2 Hepingli Primary School sunwy802@yahoo.com.cn
Ms. Song Zheng No 9 Hepingli Primary School hex2003@tom.com
Mr. Li Kun Beijing 27 Secondary School lk_27@sina.com
Ms. Li ying Chao Yang Shi Yan Primary School aaaxhm@163.com
Mr. Wang Chen Beijing 161 Secondary School wangchen1012@tom.com
Ms. Gao Jun Ying Zhong Guan Cun Secondary Schoo gaojunying2003@yahoo.com.cn

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