Am I a researcher yet?

Kieran Dhunna Halliwell, St. Mary’s CofE School

Kieran Dhunna Halliwell is a Key Stage 2 teacher and has been working on an action research project  with Dr. Pete Bradshaw of the Open University.  She has earned a Fellowship with her delightful foray into thinking about the process of action research. Her paper Am I a researcher yet? published here on MirandaNet describes her professional journey and her emerging confidence as a research-active teacher. It is an honest account which should encourage many who are taking their first steps on the research road:

“I am not academic. I am an under achiever that had 58% attendance at school, moves around a lot and only does things that are fun, which is not a traditional formula for success. Until recently, I rarely read books that had more than 24 pages and had no concept of educational theorists, or that Ken Robinson was anything other than a man who likes to present …”

READ the paper HERE