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Rising Stars LogoDeveloping Working Memory with Meemo

Working memory, particularly verbal working memory, has long been recognised as foundational to children’s ability to learn. Research has demonstrated that practice on computerised training programs can increase children’s working memory capacity.

However, there are inherent difficulties which may restrict the application of these programs within the school context. Our research presents findings from a preliminary evaluation study into the effectiveness of a novel whole-class Meemoprogramme to increase children’s working memory capacity. The programme involved pairs of children engaging in a series of five different card-based working memory activities in a mainstream primary school classroom for fifteen minutes a day, over a six-week training period. Measures of children’s working memory demonstrated significant gains in working memory and verbal short-term memory. These improvements were significant at both post intervention and at two month follow up. The demonstration of a practical and effective whole class working memory training programme holds considerable potential to increase children’s capacity to learn and achieve.