Social Media: a MirandaLink Discussion.

Are UK Teenagers Addicted to Social Media?

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Compiled by David Longman (TPEA)

November 2019


These notes are compiled from a MirandaLink discussion that was initiated by a question from a MirandaLink member on 19th September 2019.

Note: all names and identities are reduced to initials only. All other identifying information is removed. The full, unedited discussion is available to MirandaLink members through this link

The poster’s opening question came at the end of the school summer break and clearly the member had observed and become concerned by the amount of time their young teenage grandchildren spent on social media.

The social media in question were not specified but the question raised on 19th Sep 2019 was: 

“Being with my grandchildren this summer their addiction to social media has been uppermost in my mind.
Are we ignoring the issue or is there no issue?”

The discussion took place over the following few days in September.


These notes are in two sections:

Section 1: MirandaLink posts: a condensed summary of posts made by participants during the MirandaLink discussion (this link closed to non-members);

Section 2: Articles and sources: a list of reference and links to sources culled from the discussion posts.