Section 3: For Comparison (Mobiles Ban)

Western Australia: bans mobile devices from schools and classrooms.

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Twitter comments for comparison

The Western Australia ‘mobile phones’ ban was broadcast on Twitter by the WA Premier, Mark McGowan.

Below is a set of Twitter replies to  his Tweet:

The tweet replies are unedited; no usernames are copied. Some are from students as well as parents. They are compiled here for comparison with the content of the MirandLink discussion. 

The responses suggest a common set of concerns and reactions: that the ban is good because mobiles are a distraction from learning; that mobiles facilitate bad behaviour so the ban is good; that the ban is a distraction from more important educational issues so is trivial or misdirected; that the ban is bad because it cuts off an important area of relevant learning or it cuts off an important tool for learning.

  • (From Mark McGowan MP, replying to own twee) I know this one might not make me the most popular dad with my kids at the dinner table, but it is the right thing to do.
  • You could’ve facilitated a proper learning environment. Instead of actually fixing problems with public schools, like teachers wages and budgeting for educational excursions and subject courses, you complacently decide to reinforce this policy that’ll outrage an entire generation might not make me the most 
  • honestly the department of education could have invested their time and money into giving students better learning materials and equipments, providing us with fundings for educational excursions and giving our teachers better training and programs to help us students learn +
  • + and yet this is the only thing you guys could come up with??? banning phones… are we serious??
  • They should find a solution that isn’t from the dark ages the world is changing… keep up!
  • in response to the mobile phone ban at public schools which will be taking place from 2020, being a student in the public education sector this is a severe disadvantage towards myself and others which use their phone responsibility.
  • Meanwhile, NSW is unlocking the potential of smart phones by allowing drivers licences to be stored on them for all the usual uses. But hey, let’s ban the next generations from accessing smart phones at school…for their own good. Even the centre-left in #auspol is reactionary.
  • Yes so the government have the right to access your phone … brilliant
  • What about the bullying?
    How will our children be protected?
    The only thing that saved my daughter was her phone.
  • I certainly feel for any father whose children have been bullied at school- but the flip side is the massive damage mobile phones and social media cause through cyber bullying.
  • Now can you sort this out?
    So they can pay attention and do their jobs properly:

  • The kids will just use their laptops to do all the things they do on their phones
  • Heaven forbid that students will actually begin to form skills by having a conversations in person OR that the school oval will see some activity for the first time in long long while !!
  • This seems like a good idea, but it will not go well.
  • How will they know their parents numbers? Write them down?
  • I’ve read in a news report that the ban is to include tablets. Is this correct?
  • Good idea  are teachers and other staff restricted as well
  • Brilliant idea and about time.
  • Well, it won’t cost the upper 10% any money so, why not? It’s also a good idea.
  • 20 years too late but thanks.
  • There is also the overshadowing issue in the public service of networking there needs to be better scrutiny.
    Where evidence is manifestly obvious that crimes have been committed they should be dealt with.
    The evidence  relevant not internal reviews or reports of the accused
  • Interestingly the government schools in our area implement this already and have for the past few years.
  • This is great kids are at school to learn
  • What about all the students that use their phones to study during recess/lunch and free periods? Believe it or not, we aren’t incapable of using our phones for productive things
  • Good decision. These guys explain why
  • bruh this is just plain dumb, teachers should do a better job trying to engage students or enforce the no phone policy in class. any other time at school should be public domain, no cap.
  • excellent. Long overdue.
  • What about for students that have linked medical devices such as type 1 diabetics ?
  • I don’t believe it the McGowan government is actually doing something
  • Good luck enforcing that
  • Not gonna happen but you can try
  • It’s a good start Premier. Why not make it for all schools. Then they can focus on learning.
  • Well done. Pitty the minister for education had not already done this.
  • My child doesn’t have a mobile phone. If she did, I would agree with this ban. She goes to school to concentrate & learn. Mobiles are distracting.

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