Joining the Fellowship

THE MIRANDANET FELLOWSHIP, established in 1992, is an international community of education professionals including teachers, policy makers, researchers and consultants who collaborate in exchanging ideas and support as well as publishing research studies, case studies and reports.  The overall aim of the Fellowship is to promote the enhancement of teaching and learning through innovations in pedagogical practices, as well as digital technologies, across all phases of education. Opportunities include:[/cs_text]

    • Share thinking about learning and learning technologies with teachers, teacher educators and policy makers and associate companies
    • Invitations to join research projects;
    • Recognition as a Fellow for  publishing articles and case studies on MirandaNet;
    • News of conferences and events globally;
    • Invitations to present at conferences;
    • Alerts to new policies, approaches and technologies;
    • Peer reviewing to support publishing
    • Hints and tips to help you improve your practice;
    • A profile that is easily found by search engines such as Google.

For individuals the MirandaNet Fellowship is free to join and, depending on the level of involvement, offers education professionals a means of informal networking.

Membership begins by registering as a MirandaNet Friend. Friends are able to access and read all site content and are automatically subscribed to the MirandaNet newsletter.

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Friends can proceed to become MirandaNet Scholars. Scholars have a more active role in the Fellowship. They automatically become members of the MirandaLink mailing list, an email based discussion forum that typically responds to issues of the day.  In addition to joining or initiating online groups Scholars may also publish their own content to the MirandaNet Knowledge Hub in the form of research articles, case studies or topical papers that relate to the aims of MirandaNet. From time to time Scholars are also invited to participate in MirandaNet projects and other activities such as the iCatalyst programme.

To become a Scholar members must produce a more detailed online profile for which guidelines are provided. This profile accessible to search engines and other external networks as appropriate (for example in disseminating published work). In addition to internal networking MirandaNet Scholars are thus increasingly linked to the wider, global community of colleagues and networks working in similar fields.

As Scholars develop their engagement with MirandaLink and they publish their own content to the Knowledge Hub they may go on to earn a MirandaNet Fellowship or MirandaNet Senior Fellowship. Typically a Fellowship may be earned by publication to the website of a 2000 word article, case study or research report, plus a statement of evidence of participation in conferences, seminars, professional development activities, or services rendered directly to MirandaNet. A Senior Fellowship is earned in a similar manner except that the scale of active contribution is greater, e.g. 2 x 2000 word contributions and evidence of more extensive professional activity or direct support to MirandaNet.

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