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Name Atif Hussain
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IT & Curriculum Coordinator


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Overview of My Professional Role and Activity

I have worked in the IT industry for over six years and in Education for over twelve years during which I have been a Head of Department, Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator, acting Deputy Head, E-Learning and ICT Curriculum Specialist and Director of IT & Educational Technology. I am now an IT Coordinator and an IB examiner for ITGS. Education is where my passion is. This passion drives me to lead schools towards development. One such development is using Educational Technologies to enhance the teaching and learning in schools. The video on this page is an artistic attempt to explain one aspect of my thinking.I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management in Independent Schools and am in the process of completing an MA in Education. I am also a Google Certified Teacher (amongst the first internationally selected ones). My CV can be found here, my philosophy on leadership here & education here.