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Professor Christina Preston

Christina Preston advocates the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as a catalyst for enriching teaching and learning.

Christina taught English and Drama in South London before becoming an Information and Communications technology advisor at the Inner London Educational Computing Centre(ILECC). She moved on to become  a senior researcher  at the Institute of Education, University of London at the Centre for Work-Based Learning for Education Professionals (WLE) and founded the MirandaNet Fellowship ( to provide an online community where educators could share knowledge and experience.

This international professional organisation for teachers, teacher educators and researchers now has a membership of 1,000 thought leaders in education innovation in 80 countries. Membership is free. Their profiles are peer reviewed and they often join the research and action research projects carreid on under the iCatalyst framework: funders include Becta, the TDA, the DCSF and the EU, as well as international universities and governments. Associate companies who support ICT research, development, dissemination and CPD projects in schools include: BrainPOP, Groupcall, Gaia, IRIS Connect, Inspiration, Oracle, Promethean, Show my Homework, Steljes and Tablet Academy. Teams of MirandaNet practitioners have worked in Bulgaria, China, Chile, Czech Republic, Friesland, Norway, Mexico and South Africa.

Christina is currently Professor of Education Innovation at de Montfort University and her professional memberships include  the National Association of Advisers in Computers and Education (NAACE) and Information Technology Teachers in Education (ITTE). She is on the judging panel of the annual BETT exhibition and the Education Show organised by the British Education Suppliers Association (BESA).


Christina has won five international awards for her innovative continuing professional programmes designed for educators globally promoting action research and collaboration across national boundaries.

  • Lifetime Achievement Award, NAACE 2013
  • Digital Inclusion Associateship, University of Jujuy, Argentina  2011
  • Trnkova Medal from the Czech Technical University Prague for support in building democratic strategies for ICT teacher education (2002 – Prague)
  • Humanitarian Award from the World Academic Council for the enrichment of community opportunities for Bulgarian teachers and women returnees by creating Anglo-Bulgarian exchange opportunities face-to-face and online (2000 – Paris)
  • European Union of Women Humanitarian Achievement Award for creating an Anglo-Czech online alliance working on democratic participation (1998 – London)

Main professional and research interests

  • Building e-communities of practice
  • Researching Education Innovation
  • Online learning and MOOCs
  • Innovative models for Continuing Professional Development
  • Research and practice in the use of IWBs and interactive technologies like webcams, blogs, wikis, forums etc.
  • International citizenship between schools and communities
  • Evaluation of International Projects
  • Industry and Education Partnership

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