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Contributions, Commentaries, Controversies

This online journal published by MirandaNet publishes articles and papers on a range of topics by MirandaNet members and non-members. The journal is aimed at a general audience of education professionals from any phase, level or type of education and items submitted for publication would typically be presented in a more informal style. Submitted items may be in a variety of digital formats including video, concept maps, slide stacks etc.

Items submitted for publication do not follow traditional and formal academic peer-review procedures but instead a light touch is adopted by an editorial group whose members review items for coherence and relevance to the interests of MirandaNet’s membership.

Each section of the journal is explained with a short, separate introduction and includes information about how to submit items for inclusion. The criteria for inclusion may vary a little for each section. In addition, some items are published openly but others may be published so that they may be read only by logged in members. These differences are explained.

The current editorial group includes:

» Jon Audain: University of Winchester

» Sarah Younie: Education Futures Centre, De Montfort University

» David Longman: MirandaNet Web Administrator