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Reception at the House of Lords

Sarah Younie

MirandaNetters were warmly invited to attend a Reception at the House of Lords on 30th September 2014 by Professor Margaret Cox who has become president of NCUP (National Conference of University Professors). The reception was organised by NCUP and hosted by the Right Honourable Baroness Blackstone to discuss matters of education. The debate considered higher education and the prevailing preference of Universities for three A-levels as an entrance requirement which it was felt perpetuates the so-called ‘gold standard‘ qualifications formula for University entrance. The debate considered how universities could widen routes into higher education and make them more accessible. It was considered that schools were unlikely to broaden out from A-levels while universities continued to recruit to this qualification pattern. This led onto a discussion about vocationalism and how we can generate different routes into higher education that universities would engage with seriously. In its turn this led onto the consideration of diversity issues and how it is possible to get greater representation of black and minority ethnic students in higher education.